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2019: A Plethora of new Product Releases and Community Activity

Written by Gottfried Sehringer on , under Community category.
A Year of Releases At Camunda, we’re all about continuous improvement. We love talking to our customers and user community to understand how our products can even better solve their process automation problems. In that spirit, we released two new versions of our Camunda BPM platform that included a lot of community driven enhancements. The most recent release, 7.12, made its debut right on schedule at the end of November.

Ubiquitous Process Management for Industry 4.0 - Processes do not end in the Office

Written by Björn Richerzhagen on , under Community category.
Björn Richerzhagen, long-time Camunda advocate and owner of MINAUTICS, a consultancy for model-based management, has used Camunda BPM for prototyping scenarios in the manufacturing industry. In this blog post, he describes an automated end-to-end processes that include machinery - an approach for smart factory automation and Industry 4.0. Digitalization in the manufacturing industry - More than just a trend. Digital production or “Industry 4.0” must address digitalization, just like the industries Jakob Freund described in his blog series - How to (not) become a Digital Enterprise.

Announcing Camunda Optimze 2.7.0

Written by Mike Winters on , under Camunda Optimize category.
We’re excited to announce the release of Camunda Optimize 2.7.0. Optimize provides business activity monitoring for workflows, supporting continuous process improvement by providing transparency into your automated workflows and decisions. Business-friendly reports, dashboards, and alerts make it possible to identify process bottlenecks and improve end-to-end processes. If you’d like to learn more about the release and ask our product team questions, we invite you to join us for the Optimize 2.

Camunda BPM 7.12.0 Released

Written by Camunda BPM Team on , under Execution category.

We are excited to announce that Camunda BPM Platform 7.12.0 is now available.

The release includes many new capabilities. Here are some of the highlights:

You can download Camunda 7.12.0 for free or run it with Docker.

Also included in the release:

You can read all about these releases in the dedicated blog post.

Cawemo Release: Modeler and Engine Integrations, Visual Diagram Comparisons, and More

Written by Mike Winters on , under Modeling category.

This week’s Cawemo release for both the SaaS and on-premises editions introduced new capabilities for all types of users. If you’ve already seen the presentation from CamundaCon 2019 “It’s All About People: Collaboration with Cawemo”, then you’re probably familiar with these updates–and if you’d like to see the features demoed in a real-world scenario, then the presentation recording is a great resource for you.

In the rest of this post, we’ll discuss how Cawemo’s new features enable more seamless collaboration between engineers, business analysts, and everyone in between.