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We've Opened the 2018 Microservices Orchestration Survey, and We're Looking For Your Input

Written by Mike Winters on , under Announcements category.
This post also appeared on the Zeebe blog. In recent months, we’ve seen more and more users building solutions with Camunda BPM to address microservices orchestration challenges. The external task clients, newly added in version 7.9.0, is one example of how Camunda BPM has evolved to meet user needs in this area. Camunda is running a survey about microservices orchestration so that we can learn more about how you’re approaching this problem and how Camunda can help.

Camunda 7.10.0-alpha1 Released

Written by Yana Vasileva on , under Execution category.

The first alpha release of Camunda BPM 7.10 is here and the highlights are:

  • “Startable in Tasklist” Process Definitions
  • “Jump to Tasklist” link from Process Instance View
  • 17 Bug Fixes

You can Download Camunda for free (click on Preview Release) or Run it with Docker.

If you are interested, you can see the complete release notes

and the list of known issues.

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

Camunda Optimize 2.1.0 Released

Written by Johannes Heinemann, Sebastian Stamm on , under Camunda Optimize category.

You had to wait several months and were already desperately longing to try it out. There is good news: no need to wait any longer because finally the first minor version of our latest product Camunda Optimize is out!

Optimize is an add-on to Camunda that provides continuous monitoring and insights about your deployed business processes. This Big Data solution helps process owners make informed decisions to optimize their processes. The new version allows for a deeper analysis and comes with strong improvement of the continuous monitoring.

Version 2.1.0 is again packed with features. The highlights are:

  • Data import performance improvements
  • Table improvements
  • Configure Access and Authorizations
  • New additional reports
  • Inspect your data in Cockpit
  • Typeahead in variable filter

Wildfly Swarm Community Extension 1.0.0 Released

Written by Svetlana Dorokhova on , under Execution category.

Wildfly Swarm is a way to build your Java EE application with just enough of the application server, packaged in one uber-jar. This is usually the way to go, when building microservices architecture, when each service is such kind of Jar, containing the server runtime inside it. For those who want to try it out, the community extension is now available to easily include Camunda Engine and/or Web applications into Wildfly Swarm projects.

Listen up, keep your privates private!

Written by Rob Parker on , under Execution category.
In a recent blog post, I described a use case based on facial image recognition to perform an authentication task. In an ideal process, the recognition system either passes or fails the recognition task and the process proceeds via straight through processing to completion. In practice there is a fuzzy boundary between these two outcomes where human judgement via a human task is injected into the process. Now consider the case where say an image of a driver licence is used as a reference image.

Camunda Optimize 2.1.0-alpha2 Released

Written by Johannes Heinemann, Sebastian Stamm on , under Camunda Optimize category.

We are happy to announce the release of Camunda Optimize version 2.1.0-alpha2.

This release marks the second alpha release of Camunda Optimize 2.1.0. It is also the last alpha release of Optimize 2.1.0 before we release the final version of 2.1.0 next month. The current alpha version handles authorization for users and process definitions so that only users who are authorized to access Optimize can use it and can only see the Process Definitions they are allowed to see. In addition, we added the possibility to add external reports to dashboards and added a new Progress Bar Visualization for single number reports.

Camunda Modeler 1.15.0 Released

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Modeling category.

We are happy to announce the latest release of our Camunda Modeler, version 1.15.0. The release ships with numerous small usability improvements. With a new version of our BPMN toolkit under the hood it brings the long-awaited ability to model data stores between participants/pools, too.

Let's Face it, BPMN and DMN Rock!

Written by Rob Parker on , under Execution category.
I often describe process based applications as a lot like Lego ®. Functions and services are like the different types and styles of bricks, BPMN process models are the instructions to assemble those bricks into desired models or outcomes. Hence much like the Lego analogy, from a few re-usable services, I can use BPMN processes to assemble a multitude of useful outcomes. With the trend towards public API’s and the ease of access to cloud based services, my Lego kit just got a whole lot larger!