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The Job Executor: What Is Going on in My Process Engine?

Written by Thorben Lindhauer on , under Execution category.

Sometimes we start a process, and after some initial processing, it does not continue for no apparent reason. Usually, this happens at asynchronous continuations or BPMN timer events, so points in the process where the job executor, the process engine’s component for deferred work, takes over.

While the job executor is a well-tested and battle-proven piece of software, it is not a closed system. It integrates with a relational database, an application server and the processes and applications it runs. Problems with job execution typically arise in this interaction of components. In this article, we look at common reasons why job execution can be delayed or stuck, how to diagnose, and how to resolve them.

Camunda Optimize 2.6.0 Released

Written by Felix Mueller on , under Camunda Optimize category.

We are happy to announce the release of Camunda Optimize version 2.6.0.

The release includes many exciting features including:

  • New User Permissions Concept
  • Outlier Analysis
  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Multi-Version Support for Process and Decision Reports
    • Durations for Running Process Instances
    • New User Task Assignee & Candidate Group Reports
    • Improved Support for Undefined and Null Variable Values
  • Supported Docker Image

The complete release notes are available in Jira.

Camunda BPM 7.12.0-alpha4 Released

Written by Camunda BPM Team on , under Execution category.

Camunda BPM 7.12.0-alpha4 is here and the highlights are:

  • Handling Bpmn Error and Escalation in User Tasks
  • Cascading Changes to Due Dates of Recurring Timers
  • Add Time Triggered Task Listeners in User Tasks
  • Java 13 Support
  • 7 Bug Fixes

You can Download Camunda for free (click on Preview Release) or Run it with Docker.

If you are interested, you can see the complete release notes.

If you want to dig in deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

CamundaCon 2019 - Agility, Innovation and BPMN

Written by Michael Vizard on , under Community category.

There’s a perception that business process management (BPM) platforms are one of those staid categories of software where the pace of innovation is glacial. However, at CamundaCon 2019 last week, it quickly became apparent that modern BPM software is quickly emerging as one of the pillars of digital business innovation.

Camunda Chief Technologist Advises Developers to Become Choreographers

Written by Michael Vizard on , under Community category.

Building microservices is relatively easy. The hard part is teaching them to dance.

That’s the challenge software development teams now find themselves wrestling with as the number of microservices in an IT environment that need to be managed starts to exponentially increase, says Bernd Rücker, co-founder, chief technologist and developer advocate.

CamundaCon 2019 - Pharma Research Automation - Connecting Researchers with Robots and Systems

Written by Camunda on , under Community category.

In the highly heterogeneous and dynamic landscape of pharma research, where hundreds of researchers and scientists must communicate and undertake deeply complex workflow processes - Camunda has proved the ideal tonic. At CamundaCon Daniel Butnaru, Solution Architect at Roche Pharma, will share how his team utilises Camunda’s Community Edition straight out of the box to streamline the interaction between researcher (human) tasks with backends and robotics platforms.