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camunda BPM 7.1 Live Webinar

Written by Jakob Freund on , under Execution category.
On March 21 we will present to you the brand new version 7.1 of camunda BPM – the open source platform for process automation with Java and BPMN 2.0. camunda BPM is spreading rapidly and already being used by well-known organizations such as Lufthansa Technik, Sony DADC and Zalando. See for yourself what our heroic team has been working on for more than 6 months and get a live demo of our great new features for process execution, monitoring and prototyping. announced - a webbased BPMN modeling toolkit as part of camunda BPM

Written by Robert Gimbel on , under Modeling category.
Last week camunda and zalando announced What is about? In short: BPMN everywhere, for everyone In detail: read this blogpost I want to explain why this is a really important step for camunda BPM. So far we are offering a great BPMN engine, probably the best you can find if you are a java developer. This engine comes with great Web Applications which fully utilize the deployed BPMN diagrams.

camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha3 released - Cockpit, BPMN Model Api and Task Operation Log

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Today we release the next alpha version of camunda BPM. The highlights of this release are: Bpmn Model API Task Operation Log Edit group Identity Links in cockpit monitoring web application Cockpit usability improvements (Browser History, Icons) Consolidated Examples Repository On top of this we introduced new features into the cockpit monitoring web application which are reserved for enterprise subscription customers only: Diagram View for Historic Process Instances Audit Log for Historic Process Instances Advanced Querying Features for Historic Process Instances View the complete Relese Notes in Jira.

Announcing the Release Date of camunda BPM 7.1.0 GA

Written by Robert Gimbel on , under Execution category.
The next release date of camunda BPM has been fixed: 7.1. GA* will ship on March 31st, 2014 Most features will be open source, except for the IBM Websphere and Oracle WebLogic AS distribution along with the cockpit history plug-in. 7.1 GA will be the baseline for the next supported enterprise edition of camunda BPM 7.1. (*General Availability) Highlights of 7.1. Monitoring of Historic Data in Cockpit (EE only) New Job Definitions Concept and Job Suspension Feature in Cockpit Rapid Prototyping with Task Forms generated from BPMN 2.

camunda Modeler 2.4.0 released: Design / Source View and enhanced file handling

Written by Michael Schöttes on , under Execution category.
Today we are happy to announce the new release of our camunda Modeler. Beside a couple of bug fixes this version adds a Source / Design view switch and an enhanced file handling. Checkout the complete list of issues solved in this release. And of course, try out the new modeler and tell us what you think via our forums or on twitter. The new features were initially developed for camunda Modeler Standalone and are now incorporated into the main modeler codebase.

The new camunda BPMN model API

Written by Sebastian Menski on , under Execution category.
As already mentioned in our last alpha release blog post we are currently working on a BPMN model API to parse, create, edit and write BPMN 2.0 XML files. Last Friday we opened our GitHub repository and have since then created a userguide and some quickstarts. The BPMN model API offers you a simple and straightforward way to interact with an BPMN 2.0 model. It enables you to gather information from an existing model, edit and extend them.

camunda Modeler Standalone 1.0.0 released as an official part of camunda BPM

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Execution category.
The camunda Modeler Standalone is a tool that allows you to create, view and edit BPMN process and collaboration diagrams in a seamless way. I am happy to say that the project, previously a side project of mine, is now an official part of camunda BPM. Today we released version 1.0.0 as the first stable version of the modeler. Get it now. As part of camunda BPM the camunda Modeler Standalone got its own place on camunda.

camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha2 released

Written by Roman Smirnov on , under Execution category.
It was a hard time of two months without a new camunda BPM release, but the waiting came to an end today. We are happy to announce the first release of 2014: camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha2. The highlights of this release are: engine: enhance PVM Atomic Operation and Graph Model to provide facility for an activity to cancel a scope or be executed concurrently to activities in the same scope.

Benchmarking Performance of camunda Process Engine - Broken SSDs and some Numbers

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Yesterday morning I posted some details about our current performance testing efforts. At that point I was still developing the performance testing framework and using the H2 in-memory database when running tests, just to check whether everything runs clean. Yesterday evening, finally, I wanted to run some tests on a "real" database.  I hadn't done any serious performance testing since a couple of month back when we released camunda BPM 7.

Gaining insight into the Performance of camunda Process Engine

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
The camunda process engine has a very active codebase and is constantly evolving. Only last week we did a major refactoring, re-implementing the way the BPMN Boundary Event, Event Subprocess, Terminate End Event and similar constructs work. In summer we introduced an activity instance model and rewrote the history implementation, turning it into a fire-and-forget event stream. We also constantly add new features such as incidents and many others. When doing such refactorings, the extensive process engine testsuite gives us the confidence that we do not break existing functionality from a functional perspective (process engine currently has 1669 Testases, over 500 were added last year).