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camunda Modeler Standalone 1.0.0 released as an official part of camunda BPM

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Execution category.
The camunda Modeler Standalone is a tool that allows you to create, view and edit BPMN process and collaboration diagrams in a seamless way. I am happy to say that the project, previously a side project of mine, is now an official part of camunda BPM. Today we released version 1.0.0 as the first stable version of the modeler. Get it now. As part of camunda BPM the camunda Modeler Standalone got its own place on camunda.

camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha2 released

Written by Roman Smirnov on , under Execution category.
It was a hard time of two months without a new camunda BPM release, but the waiting came to an end today. We are happy to announce the first release of 2014: camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha2. The highlights of this release are: engine: enhance PVM Atomic Operation and Graph Model to provide facility for an activity to cancel a scope or be executed concurrently to activities in the same scope.

Benchmarking Performance of camunda Process Engine - Broken SSDs and some Numbers

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Yesterday morning I posted some details about our current performance testing efforts. At that point I was still developing the performance testing framework and using the H2 in-memory database when running tests, just to check whether everything runs clean. Yesterday evening, finally, I wanted to run some tests on a "real" database.  I hadn't done any serious performance testing since a couple of month back when we released camunda BPM 7.

Gaining insight into the Performance of camunda Process Engine

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
The camunda process engine has a very active codebase and is constantly evolving. Only last week we did a major refactoring, re-implementing the way the BPMN Boundary Event, Event Subprocess, Terminate End Event and similar constructs work. In summer we introduced an activity instance model and rewrote the history implementation, turning it into a fire-and-forget event stream. We also constantly add new features such as incidents and many others. When doing such refactorings, the extensive process engine testsuite gives us the confidence that we do not break existing functionality from a functional perspective (process engine currently has 1669 Testases, over 500 were added last year).

Get your Tasklist as RSS Feed

Written by Jakob Freund on , under Execution category.
I don't like watching my Tasklist all day. Getting email notifications for tasks that I should complete is nice, but sometimes I don't want to complete the task right after being notified but still need to keep in mind there is something pending. This is how I came to create a simple PHP script that exposes my tasks as an RSS Feed. I can use that in my personal master dashboard (Microsoft Outlook) to keep track of my camunda Tasklist.

Three new core Developers join camunda BPM Team

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
A warm welcome to the new guys! camunda BPM development Team I am very happy to announce that last week, three new core developers joined our team here at camunda. Here they are: Danny Gräf Danny is an experienced developer and will focus on the backend side of things: process engine, databases, programming models (Spring / CDI) and application server integration.

camunda Modeler as a standalone tool

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Execution category.
As a small little side project I was working on a standalone version of the camunda BPMN 2.0 modeling plugin for Eclipse. The camunda Modeler standalone offers nice little features to better integrate with the operating system and focuses 100% on process modeling. It is available for Mac, Linux and Windows. Update (2014-02-05) The project is now an official part of camunda BPM. Read the offical announcement or check out its home on camunda.

Get your own camunda BPM T-Shirt!

Written by Bernd Rücker on , under Execution category.
Still need a Christmas present? How about a cool camunda BPM T-Shirt? Various team members designed the Shirts themselves and we got quite some response throughout the year. So we will make them available to you! OK - to be honest we will not make it before Christmas - but you can look forward to your new Shirt early in 2014! T-Shirts cost 20 € each (including shipping within Germany - ask us for international shipment options if applicable).

camunda Modeler 2.3.0 released: Custom Tasks, Form Fields and better Subprocess Modeling

Written by Nico Rehwaldt on , under Execution category.
We are happy to announce the new release of the camunda Modeler. This version adds the ability to extend the modeler with custom tasks. Furthermore it adds editing support for form fields that were recently re-introduced into the camunda BPM platform. Last but not least, it improves the handling of subprocesses. Custom Task Plugins Custom task plugins give you the ability to contribute self-made tasks to the camunda modeler.