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News from the front-(end)

Written by Valentin Vago on , under Execution category.
The front-end of the camunda BPM platform has been under heavy development. The web-apps have been externalized and separated into different projects, which means that the "admin", the "cockpit" and the upcoming "tasklist" have their own repositories, and those projects are now relying on the "UI commons" and the "Javascript SDK" libraries. The Javascript SDK The actual JS SDK has already been implemented in the upcoming tasklist and allows us to start processes and use their embedded forms (when they use one).

Embedded Case Management with CMMN in camunda BPM

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
In our latest alpha release we include a preview of the upcoming support for CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) in camunda BPM. Time to have a look at CMMN and the way it is implemented in camunda BPM. What is CMMN? CMMN is an emerging OMG standard for (Adaptive) Case Management. Version 1.0 is freshly released and vendor adoption starts to take off. Trisotech already provides a Web-based Modeler for CMMN and we at camunda have the ambition to provide the first embedded, Open Source Runtime Engine for CMMN.

Scripting Everywhere in camunda BPM

Written by Sebastian Menski on , under Execution category.
With the last camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3 release we heavily extended the scripting support of the camunda BPM platform. We started to improve scripting support with the 7.2.0-alpha1 release and now we think we are done. It is now your turn to start using the different scripting languages and help us to polish this feature for our final release. To get an detailed overview of the scripting support please visit our user guide.

The Case for Open Source Embedded Case Management

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
In camunda BPM we enhance our lightweight embedded BPMN Process Engine with case management features based on CMMN. CMMN is the new emerging industry standard for (Adaptive) Case Management (ACM) developed by the OMG (Object Management Group), the same consortium which is also behind  the BPMN 2.0 standard. I believe that lightweight open source solutions based on open standards can make a difference in the case management space. This is why.

Advanced Asynchronous Continuations in camunda BPM

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Asynchronous continuations are a a very powerful process engine feature. Up until now you could use asynchronous continuations in two ways: Before an activity.  Asynchronous process instantiation using the async start event. (Added in 7.0). With camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3, Asynchronous continuations become even more powerful: You can now place an asynchronous continuation AFTER an activity. (HOT!) Asynchronous continuations are now supported on more BPMN 2.0 constructs, such as the Parallel Gateway.

camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3 released: CMMN, Scripting, Async, Correlation, Model Api, Forms

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Today we release camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha3. Usually when we do a new alpha release, I write a Blogpost which gives an overview over the new features added in that release. But this time I cannot do that: there are simply too many new features to cover in a single blog post! So this time I will just give a bullet point list with the highlights and you guys will just have to wait for additional blogposts to come out in the next days.

Automated UI testing with camunda web applications and IntelliJ IDEA

Written by Michael Schöttes on , under Execution category.
Automated user interface (UI) tests are an effective way to ensure the functionality of your webapp. Furthermore, they serve as E2E tests as they simulate real user interaction and stimulate the whole application down to the database. BUT, automated UI tests are presumed to be hard to maintain and difficult to understand. Small changes in the webapp’s GUI have massive impact on the test suite to result in refactoring the test cases.

camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha2 released

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Today we announce the next alpha release of camunda BPM platform. The highlights of this release are: Deploy and instantiate CMMN Case Definitions, New Tasklist Skeleton I/O Mappings for BPMN 2.0 Activities and Events Xml Data processing in Java, Expression Language and Script Languages Simple SOAP Http Connector See complete release notes in Jira. Download camunda BPM 7.2.0-alpha2 now. Deploy and instantiate CMMN Case Definitions We are making good progress on CMMN support in the process engine.