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camunda BPM participates in BPMN Roundtrip Demo of OMG

Written by Falko Menge on , under Execution category.
The camunda BPM platform participated in a somewhat extreme BPMN roundtrip demo of the OMG. During that demo, the camunda engine managed to execute a BPMN process model that we pushed through five different modeling tools. Altogether, eight tools participated in the entire roundtrip. Among them where camunda Modeler for editing BPMN in Eclipse, the camunda engine for executing the BPMN process and camunda-bpmn.js for rendering BPMN in JavaScript. In addition, I also did a demo of how to use camunda Cycle for automating BPMN roundtrips.

Find the full story, screenshots and videos at BPMN Roundtrip works: Interchange Demo with 8 Tools.