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Create a camunda BPM Process Application using Maven Archetype in 1 minute

Written by Bernd Rücker on , under Execution category.
For quite some time we already use Maven Archetypes in our camunda BPM training and at customer projects to create camunda BPM Process Applications - which are normally simple Maven projects. Today I made a quick screencast to show how easy it is to use them:

And I created a 30 seconds survey to get feedback on archetypes - please fill it out:

We currently have two archetypes available:
  • war: Use on Servlet containers like Tomcat.
  • ejb: Use on EJB containers like JBoss AS, WebSphere, Glassfish or WebLogic.
You can find the full documentation online: Maven Archetypes (Project Templates).So you can start using it today.

Give us feedback!

We currently discuss how important archetypes are for our community and what types of archetypes we should provide (if any). Please take 30 seconds to fill in our survey. Thank you!