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camunda BPM 7.1.0-alpha3 released - Cockpit, BPMN Model Api and Task Operation Log

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
Today we release the next alpha version of camunda BPM. The highlights of this release are:
On top of this we introduced new features into the cockpit monitoring web application which are reserved for enterprise subscription customers only:
  • Diagram View for Historic Process Instances
  • Audit Log for Historic Process Instances
  • Advanced Querying Features for Historic Process Instances

Download camunda BPM alpha 3 now and Give us Feedback via @camundaBPM and in the Forums.

Bpmn Model Api integration with Process Engine

The BPMN Model API allows you to read, update and create BPMN 2.0 compliant process models using a high level Java API. The API itself lives inside a separate repository on Gihub so that it can be used independently from camunda BPM.

In this release we integrate it into camunda BPM distributions giving you convenient access to the process model at runtime.

First, you can access the model for all processes deployed to the process engine using the Repository Service:

You can also get your hands on the current FlowElement or Usertask from a JavaDeleagte, ExecutionListener or TaskListener implementation:

Sebastian Menski who is largely responsible for the BPMN model api implementation also added a fluent builder API which makes it easy to create a new BPMN process (or edit an existing process) using in only a few lines of code:

Task Operation Log

Thanks to Danny Gräf, the process engine now logs operations performed on tasks at history level full. This allows you to inspect which user created, delegated, completed ... a Task:

This is a feature request that many of our customers requested. We plan on adding this feature to the cockpit monitoring application as well.

New enterprise Features in cockpit

Roman Smirnov and Valentin Vago added a couple of enterprise only features to camunda cockpit:

Advanced querying for Historic Process Instances:

An activity audit log:

Which can be filtered using the hierarchical activity instance tree:

What else is going on?

Join us at the camunda BPM birthday party in Berlin on March 18th!

We announced the launch of our new open source project

There has been some awesome progress in some of our community maintained extensions:

OSGi Integration
Ronny Bräunlich did some great work on the testsuite and got a contribution of apache karaf commands

AssertJ Testing Library
Great progress in fluent assertion library maintained by Martin Schimak. You definitely have to check out this project!!!

Needle Testing Library
Jan Galinski added features and documentation.