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New Camunda Workbench Release - Adds Stepping in Debugger

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Execution category.
After a one day hack session, Nico and myself are proud to release a new version of Camunda Workbench.

The Highlights of this Release are:

  • Upgrade to v0.9.0
  • Create a new process
  • Debugger now has stepping support
  • Breakpoints after activities
  • Display the type of variables
  • Enhanced Script Editing

Download alpha9 for free!

What is Camunda Workbench?

Camunda Workbench is the next big thing in browser-based tooling for BPMN based process automation :) But most and foremost: Workbench is AWESOME!
It brings usecases around modeling and execution of processes close together. In workbench you can model a process, deploy it to Camunda BPM Process Engine and then debug it in an interactive way.

See for yourself:

Camunda Workbench - Create and debug a new Process with Script Task from camunda on Vimeo.

Debugging the invoice process in Camunda Workbench from camunda on Vimeo.

Workbench can be used standalone (single jar file), from a Java Unit Test or embedded inside an Application. See the Documentation for details.