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Camunda BPM SpringBoot 1.3.0 released

Written by Jan Galinski, Oliver Steinhauer on , under Execution category.

Good news for all users of the Spring Boot community extension (and those who want to become users): Version 1.3.0 has been released!

The major changes are:

  • Introducing lifecycle events: ProcessApplicationStarted and ProcessApplicationStopped
  • Engine configuration based on ProcessEnginePlugin interface
  • Support for configuration properties not covered by CamundaBpmProperties

What’s new?

Let’s have a quick look at the main improvements. For the full list of changes, click here.


  • Properties
    • added support for authorization, metrics and serialization
    • you can now set all SpringProcessEngineConfiguration properties via without providing your own configuration implementation
    • camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-rest now exposes the REST API by default without annoying you to provide custom beans
  • Documentation
    • we added some missing parts in documentation
  • latest versions
    • spring boot: 1.3.7
    • you can run your applications with spring boot 1.4.0
  • introduce ProcessApplicationStartedEvent and ProcessApplicationStoppedEvent allowing you to listen to this events


  • webapps deployment as war to sth. like Tomcat 8+ now works

API breaks

We have decided to refactor the configuration mechanism. Especially we removed the org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.CamundaConfiguration interface. For now all configurations are org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.cfg.ProcessEnginePlugins. With this it is possible to hook into preInit, postInit and postProcessEngineBuild which provides more complex possibilities.

If you have implemented an CamundaConfiguration you have to switch to ProcessEnginePlugin (and its preInit method). You can also extend your configuration from org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.impl.AbstractCamundaConfiguration to avoid a cast to SpringProcessEngineConfiguration.

How to use it?

As always, the extension is published on maven central, so if you are using maven, just add the dependency:


and then create a simple process application like this one:

// note that when using the ProcessApplication, you currently need an empty processes.xml under src/main/resources/MET-INF!
public class WebappExampleProcessApplication extends SpringBootProcessApplication {

  public static void main(String[] args) {, args);


Make sure to check out the examples and the documentation.


For the next version we will do a major version change: 2.0.0! We will switch to Java8 and SpringBoot 1.4 and no longer support Java versions <8. In addition, we will refactor the module structure and provide tools for testing. You can check the planned enhancements on the milestone page.

Have fun

As always: If you like this extensions: Tell your friends and colleagues. If you find some bugs or missing features: Tell us. And if you like to join or help out: we happily accept pull requests.

And finally the reminder: Jan will give a short presentation and demo of this extension on the camunda community day in Berlin in September, so make sure to be there! We’d love to discuss your user experiences and feature requests so far!