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More From Camunda BPM: NodeJS/Java External Task Client 1.3.0, Spring Boot Starter 3.4.0 & Assert 5.0.0

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We are excited to announce the following releases:

You can read all about the Camunda BPM 7.12.0 release in the dedicated blog post.

External Task Clients

The External Task Clients help you to decouple your services from the Workflow Engine – a common use case, for example, in microservices architectures. We’ve released version 1.3.0 of our clients for NodeJS & Java, which support the latest features of Camunda BPM 7.12.0.

The features mentioned below are available for both the NodeJS and the Java client.

Fetch and Lock by Version Tag

When you want to assign a custom label to a specific version of a process definition, you can tag it with a version.

Imagine a case where there are already older versions of a process deployed to the Workflow Engine and we want to deploy a new version of this process with the version tag 1.5.2:

The external task with the topic name compute-total is not only present in the process shown above, but also in older versions of this process. However, we want our external task client to only work on external tasks belonging to the process definition with the version tag 1.5.2.

Let’s have a look how we can achieve this using the NodeJS client:

const { Client, Variables } = require('camunda-external-task-client-js');

// configure & bootstrap the client
const client = new Client({ baseUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/engine-rest' });

// susbscribe to a specific topic
const topicSubscription = client.subscribe(
  // only fetch tasks belonging to a version tag
  { processDefinitionVersionTag: '1.5.2' },
  async function({ task, taskService }) {
    // complete the task with the variable 'total'
    await taskService.complete(task, new Variables().set({ total: 55 }));

In the code example shown above, the NodeJS Client is configured, bootstrapped and finally subscribed to the topic name compute-total. Additionally, the subscription is configured only to fetch external tasks belonging to the process with the version tag 1.5.2.

You can read more here:

Fetch and Lock With Priorities

Sometimes, it’s necessary to prioritize certain external tasks over others. It’s now possible to specify priorities on the process or task level.

Let’s consider the following process:

In the process shown above, you can see two external tasks with the topic name pay-money. When the invoice is due, the payment of the invoice is prioritized with 100, otherwise with 0.

The feature is enabled by default, meaning that no additional configuration is needed to fetch external tasks with priorities. If necessary, you can disable this behavior.

You can read more here:

Spring Boot Starter 3.4.0

Spring Boot Starter simplifies your local development workflow and allows you to bundle your Process Application into an Uber-JAR. This release relies on Spring Boot 2.2.1 by default.

For a complete list of the changes, please check out our Release Notes.

Auto-Configuration of Jackson Java 8 Modules in Spin

Camunda Spin, together with Jackson, allow the exchange of structured process data in the form of JSON with the Workflow Engine.

This release includes auto-configuration of the Jackson Java 8 modules. When adding the Maven coordinates of a Jackson Java 8 module, it is configured automatically.

Auto-configuration is available for the following Jackson Java 8 modules:

  1. Parameter names (jackson-module-parameter-names)
  2. Java 8 Date/time (jackson-datatype-jdk8)
  3. Java 8 Datatypes (jackson-datatype-jsr310)

For instance, if you want to add support for Jackson Java 8 Date/time to your Spring Boot Process Application, you’d add the following Maven coordinates:




Read on:

Assert 5.0.0

Assert helps you to test your processes conveniently in Java.

Assert 5.0.0 is compatible with Assertj 3.13.2, which is used in turn by Camunda BPM Spring Boot Starter 3.4.0.

This release discontinues the support of the compatibility artifacts for Assertj 2.9.0 and 3.11.1.

For a complete list of the changes, please check out our Release Notes.

You can read more here:

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Your Feedback Matters!

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