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Introducing the Camunda Cloud Early Access Program

Written by Daniel Meyer on , under Community category.

At CamundaCon Live today, I was thrilled to unveil the next step on the Camunda Cloud roadmap - the Camunda Cloud Early Access Program. Now your team can get started on Camunda Cloud, running your clusters with more resources, a higher replication factor and a higher partition count.

CamundaCon Live Opens for a Global Community of 6,000 Attendees

Written by Gottfried Sehringer on , under Community category.

It was just one month ago that we opened registration for our first global online conference for process automation – CamundaCon LIVE. We originally planned to host our annual CamundaCon conference in New York City, but like so many others had to quickly pivot to an online event when it was clear the pandemic would prevent us from gathering.

Which Camunda Training is right for you? Special CamundaCon Live offer - 50% discount on our Remote Classroom Trainings

Written by Ragnar Nevries on , under Community category.

At CamundaCon Live, you’ll learn a lot about the Camunda product stack and how our solutions help all kinds of companies to apply process and workflow automation to really accelerate their digital transformation.

So, after CamundaCon Live, you might be feeling highly motivated and cannot wait to fling yourself into your next (or perhaps very first) Camunda project? In that case we want to support you as best as we can to underscore your Camunda knowledge with profound modeling and technical insight. Therefore we’ve just released a special offer for our upcoming remote classroom trainings, which gives you up to 50% discount on the standard price.

CamundaCon Live - meet Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Written by Charley Mann on , under Community category.

Ahead of CamundaCon Live - our free, virtual process automation conference, April 23-24 - we’re giving you a sneak peak at the great presentations you can expect from leading companies who’ll share their genuine Camunda use cases. And the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s solution is so interesting, they are presenting on two tracks - taking a broader overview in one and diving deep into custom tooling in the other.

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How to (not) become a Digital Enterprise - Prioritizing Customer-Focused Innovation

Written by Jakob Freund on , under Community category.

This blog post is the second of a five-part series based on the keynote I presented at CamundaCon 2019 (You can find the recording on YouTube). You can read the first blog in this series here.

In essence, I recommend:

  • Prioritizing customer-focused innovation.
  • Bringing technology to the heart of your company.
  • Automating your business, one project at a time.
  • Putting executives in charge who care about long-term success, their people and the world.

How to (not) become a Digital Enterprise

Written by Jakob Freund on , under Community category.

This blog post is the first of a five-part series based on the keynote I presented at CamundaCon 2019 (You can find the recording on YouTube).

The Quest for the Digital Enterprise

A few weeks ago a Startup called Ethos raised $60M Venture Capital, bringing their external funding to more than $100M within 14 Months. Ethos want to make getting life insurance fast and easy by “turning a process that was once like going to the DMV to more like shopping online”.

CamundaCon 2019 - Agility, Innovation and BPMN

Written by Michael Vizard on , under Community category.

There’s a perception that business process management (BPM) platforms are one of those staid categories of software where the pace of innovation is glacial. However, at CamundaCon 2019 last week, it quickly became apparent that modern BPM software is quickly emerging as one of the pillars of digital business innovation.

Camunda Chief Technologist Advises Developers to Become Choreographers

Written by Michael Vizard on , under Community category.

Building microservices is relatively easy. The hard part is teaching them to dance.

That’s the challenge software development teams now find themselves wrestling with as the number of microservices in an IT environment that need to be managed starts to exponentially increase, says Bernd Rücker, co-founder, chief technologist and developer advocate.

Solving Santa’s Sequencing Problem Using Domain Narrowing Constraint Propagation Based on DMN collect hit policies.

Written by Rob Parker, Enterprise Architect, Australia Post on , under Community category.

CamundaCon 2019 is just around the corner! Rob Parker, Enterprise Architect at Australia Post, will be presenting Innovative Problems For Elegant Solutions and he’s shared with us a sneak peak at the kind of out-of-the-box thinking his presentation will cover:

Everybody is likely familiar with Sudoku puzzles. When I solve them, I typically use little pencil marks to track which values are still feasible in unresolved cells. In other words, for each unresolved cell, I annotate it with the set of remaining possible values or its domain. As each cell is solved, the implication is propagated to its neighbouring cells by crossing off the infeasible values (domain narrowing) from each set of candidate values. This technique is effectively a form of constraint propagation with domain narrowing.