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Camunda BPM: User Task Assignment based on a DMN Decision Table

Written by Robert Emsbach on , under Community category.

In business processes involving human workflow the task assignment logic can become quite elaborate. For instance the processing of insurance claims, or other variants of approval processes, may require many or complex task assignment rules. The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) decision tables are an excellent tool to manage such rules — outside of code, in a business user-friendly way.

Full Coverage of DMN FEEL 1.2 starting with Camunda BPM 7.13

Written by Tassilo Weidner on , under Execution category.

We are happy to announce, that Camunda BPM 7.13 (scheduled for the end of May) includes full coverage of FEEL 1.2 – for more DMN notation elements than before:

  • Input Expressions NEW!
  • Input Entries
  • Output Entries NEW!
  • Literal Expressions NEW!

We achieved these improvements by adding the former Community Extension FEEL Scala Engine, written by Philipp Ossler, to the official Camunda Stack.