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Migrating processes from Pega to Camunda - Step-by-step Tutorial

Written by Joe Pappas on , under Community category.

It’s well known that process flows created in Pega don’t conform to any open standard, despite looking rather BPMN-like. Folks who are looking to jump start their migration from Pega to Camunda are stuck having to manually redraw processes in Modeler. But manually redrawing process flows is tedious and time consuming, especially if there are many or complex processes to convert. In this tutorial we’ll step you through a utility that can help you generate a BPMN compliant process that can serve as a starting point for your Pega to Camunda conversion.

Migrating process BPMN from IBM BPM to Camunda - Step-by-step Tutorial

Written by Joe Pappas on , under Community category.

If you’re thinking you can export BPMN from IBM expecting to be able to open it in Camunda Modeler you might be in for a surprise. As has been discovered, IBM BPMN exports do not include diagram information that tools like Camunda Modeler use to render a diagram. In this tutorial we’ll step you through two approaches taking advantage of utilities developed by our consulting team to help you create a complete diagram that can be opened and viewed not only in Camunda Modeler but in any BPMN compliant design tool.

Process Migration Using BPMN Part 1

Written by Chris Allen on , under Community category.

Please note: This blog post is the Part One of a two part series. If you are looking for Part Two then you can find it here.

If your organization relies on BPM and your process definitions are considered to have “long running” process instances (perhaps due to user tasks etc.), then there comes a time when your organization needs to define the process instance migration strategy. This blog will show you how to define your migration strategy as a business process and to use BPMN to help control different scenarios during your custom migration.

New Official Extension: camunda-bpm-migration

Written by Malte Sörensen on , under Execution category.
Camunda BPM Migration is a framework for making process instance migration easier. It builds upon the migration functionality introduced in Camunda BPM 7.5. This is a great feature enabling the community to go boldly where few men have gone before ;) Typically, instance migration is avoided like the pest. It’s a pain. This feature, together with the migration extension, aims to ease that pain. What Does the Migration Extension Offer?